Album Release: Jah Connery – Nah

Like so many of us who have sat back to reflect on the year 2020, Jah Connery is just like, “Nah.”

Nah is Jah Connery’s answer to a year that demanded a great deal of self-reflection for the average mind. Having undergone remarkable change himself, Connery sought to package this vibe into his own brand of hip-hop. Jah’s sound is unique in it’s own right as it infuses elements of jazz, fusion, soul, punk, and even Buddhist chants while still remaining hip-hop at it’s core.

Album art by: Carmel Liburdi

Released on January 20th, 2021, Nah features production from Mr. Demented and Victor Hall, and includes guest appearances from other artists, Pseudo Slang, Intricate Dialect, A7, and Warren Peace. This is Jah’s first full-length album release since 2010’s Nothing Will Be Alright.

You can hear Jah Connery’s, Nah, on Spotify and all major platforms, as well as Fresh Kicks: Boom Bap.

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