ALBUM FEATURE: Muenster – Weirdope

The 4th solo-album from Muenster is a Weirdope hybrid of boom-bap, trap, EDM, and Reggae. Released on physically and digitally on July 1st, 2020, and currently being pressed to vinyl by Sun Press Vinyl in association with Tuff Gong, Weirdope is an amalgam of styles and concepts. Production wise, you will hear boom-bap on one track, bass heavy trap one the next, and then the album closes with more west coast influenced sounds.

Conceptually, the album is broken in to two parts, the weird and the dope. Of 14 tracks, the first 8 are dedicated to the weird. This half of the album alternates between east coast/boom bap production and trap/EDM bass heavy sounds. The second half of the album begins with the reggae anthem, “Chances Are.” From there, the album takes on more of a laid back west coast/funk style of production.

Muenster is currently working on his next project which will feature appearances from Rass Kass, Prince Po, Myka Nyne, and more. Weirdope is currently streaming on all major platforms and you can purchase physical copies from Muenstervision. “Didactic,” “Go Deaf” and “Equinox” can be heard on our playlist, Fresh Kicks: Boom Bap.

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