ALBUM FEATURE: Jake Rosh – Hydra

Jake Rosh is the Hydra, but this ain’t mythology. The multi-headed beast has returned for his second album to follow up his 2016 debut, The Sample Life.

The titled track kicks off the album as a ground shaking warning of the incoming monster that is the Hydra, multi-faceted producer/emcee/engineer, Jake Rosh. This tone-setting track highlights Jake’s production style of taking dusty, hardcore samples and infusing them with a more contemporary British hip-hop sound.

The Wirral- born artists keeps up the beast-mode energy through the first third of the album on the tracks, “Rare Breed” and “Tusken Raider.” The album begins to calm down, but remains gritty on “The Wrong Business” where Jake reminds us, “If all your bars are just about how good your bars are, listeners are gonna wonder where the hell these bars are?” At this point in the album, the beast begins to become more human and begins to speak more introspectively on tracks such as “Therapy” and “Loser,” followed by the rebellious, political tone of “Teach Yourself” and “Nowhere is Safe” (ft. Dominic Dunn), and closing with the emotional storytelling tracks, “Breathe” and “Suicide Note.”

Released on March 19th 2021, Jake Rosh’s Hydra is now out on Spotify and most major streaming sites, as well as having a limited number of physical copies available on Bandcamp.

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