Cam Thomas – “Identity Crisis”

Emerging UK hip-hop artist Cam Thomas faces an “Identity Crisis” in anticipation of his upcoming album release. The latest single from Cam is an introspective look at the musical future of the outspoken emcee. Inspired by the storytellers of American golden-era hip-hop, Cam Thomas has a more rugged sound than many of his peers in the UK while still keeping his subject matter relatable to the working class. “Identity Crisis” featured a pitch tuned soul sample and heavy drums that set the stage for Cam’s smooth flows.

“Identity Crisis” by Cam Thomas is out now on Spotify and all major platforms and can be heard on our playlist, Fresh Kicks: Boom Bap. Cam is currently working on his upcoming album, Financial Times, which is set to be released in May 2021. Follow Cam Thomas on Spotify and tune in to our blog and playlists for updates!

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