Fang Su x Don Hype x Rommy Dommy – “Jungle Music”

Fang Su, Don Hype, and Rommy Dommy welcome you to the jungle with “Jungle Music.” Coming with the typical sound we have come to expect from Fang Su, this track featured raw yet minimalistic production which allows the three emcees harness their primal rage.

Member of hip-hop group CTF (Carnage Troop Families), Fang Su is an MC from Toledo, OH who is quickly making a name for himself within horrorcore hip-hop. Inspired by crime shows and death metal, Fang paints a gory picture with his rhymes like a serial killer may paint the walls with his victim’s blood. “Jungle Music” by Fang Su is out now on Spotify and now playing on Fresh Kicks: Boom Bap.

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