SACHA. – “Long Roads”

SACHA. has a mission to see his name in lights and is riding the “Long Roads” to achieve that goal. The latest single from SACHA is a somber yet motivating hip-hop ballad produced by TOD. SACHA. and TOD are currently working on their project The Firefly EP of which “Long Roads” is the first single. The production on this track is mellow, but continuously builds as SACHA. reflects on the long game it takes to achieve one’s goals.

Having been born in Malaysia, SACHA. has lived in various locations including Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. This has helped him create a unique musical style, particularly in his high school years in Tanzania when he had first been exposed to hip-hop classics from the 90s. The first single from SACHA.’s The Firefly EP, “Long Roads” is out now on Spotify and all major platforms and can be heard on our playlist, Fresh Kicks: Boom Bap.

“Just be”

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Fresh Kicks: Boom Bap