LyricalGenes – Dana Burtin

Dana Burtin is an author, poet, actor and LyricalGenes. The self-titled album from LyricalGenes aka Dana Burtin is out now on Spotify and all major platforms. Featuring early-Kanye style production LyricalGenes stands out on the mic with his heavy presence on “I’m Still Here”.

The overall vibe from LyricalGenes is conscience emcee with a positive message and motivational concepts,. but that doe snot mean he cannot spit braggadocios over hard beats as evident on “The Comeback / Revival”.

Previously featured on New Golden Era is the uplifting “Heroes of 2020” which is dedicated to the frontline workers and everyone who helped move us forward through the Covid-19 pandemic. You can watch the video for “Heroes of 2020” here:

The album, Dana Burtin, by LyricalGenes is out now on Spotify and all major platforms. “Heroes of 2020”, “I’m Still Here”, and “The Comback / Revival” are now playing on Fresh Kicks: Boom Bap on Spotify.

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