Papoose “The Human Body (The Brain)

In what seems likely to become an ongoing series of songs, Papoose breaks down the functions of the human brain in “The Human Body (The Brain)” like no other emcee could. In this standout track from the album Endangered Species, which was released October 6th, 2020, Papoose shows why he has always been regarded as one of the best lyrically. The production on this track is synth heavy with no drums or percussion which makes the flow on this track even more impressive. In the last few bars of the track Papoose begins to start rapping about the human heart, only to be cut of in his typical fashion to save that for part 2.

Papoose’s “The Human Body (The Brain” can be heard on our featured Spotify playlist, Fresh Kicks: Boom Bap.

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Fresh Kicks: Boom Bap