PODCAST: Louder Than A Riot – Ep. 1: The Conspiracy Against Hip-Hop

In the first episode of NPR’s new series, Louder Than A Riot, Rodney Carmichael and Sidney Madden discuss the infamous 2012 letter detailing the “Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation.”

Featuring interviews from Killer Mike, Too $hort, and many more, the purpose of this podcast is not to discuss whether or not this meeting did happen, but to discuss the truth behind the theory and the connections between hip-hop, the music industry, and America’s industrial prison complex.

This episode is a great start to what I expect to be a great podcast about hip-hop culture and an absolute must listen for any hip-hop head. I look forward to listening too, and discussing the second episode, The Camoflauge Assassin: Mac Phipps (pt.1).

What are you thoughts? Please discuss in the comments!

Louder Than A Riot can be heard on all major podcast providers and in available on our new Spotify Playlist, Hip-Hop Podcasts.

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