Fang Su – “Death’s Melody”

Fang Su spits murderous bars over a beat reminiscent of “Death’s Melody.” Inspired by Eminem, Brotha Lynch Hung, and horrorcore legend Necro, Fang Su takes us inside the mind of a homicidal maniac with rugged verses laid over an evil backdrop of gritty piano lines and torturous boom bap.

Member of hip-hop group CTF (Carnage Troop Families), Fang Su is an MC from Toledo, OH who is quickly making a name for himself within horrorcore hip-hop. Inspired by crime shows and death metal, Fang paints a gory picture with his rhymes like a serial killer may paint the walls with his victim’s blood. “Death’s Melody” by Fang Su is out now on Spotify and now playing on Fresh Kicks: Boom Bap.

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