ALBUM REVIEW: Far I – The First Noble Truth

Dutch emcee, Far I drops wisdom of The First Noble Truth on his latest album released by HardHeaderz. Growing up in the Netherlands, Far I‘s love for hip-hop dates back to the dawn of hip-hop’s Golden Era, a time which he believes the message stood above flashy cars and first week sales.

That attitude shows through in The First Noble Truth. From start to finish, this album is laced with gritty production reminiscent of early Heltah Skeltah, and Far I has the deep and rugged to match. On each track of the album, Far I channels a legendary musical or political figures to discuss the album’s theme, The First Noble Truth.

For those who do not know, in Buddhist teaching, The First Noble Truth is suffering. Far I explores that concept as figures such as “Ray Charles,” “Mansa Musa,” and “Tupac Shakur” and relates their experiences to his own.

My personal favorite track on this album is “Prodigy” and you can hear that track on Fresh Kicks: Boom Bap. However, due to the conceptual nature of this album, I do recommend a full listen-through. The First Noble Truth by Far I is out now on Spotify and all major retailers.

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