WATCH: Peter Spacey Live – “Space Curry” (Spacetagon Sessions)

In the second edition of his recurring series, Spacetagon Sessions, Peter Spacey pulls up from behind the 3-point line in “Space Curry.” Filmed on a balcony on a clear summer day, the Tel Aviv based artist blast intergalactic vibes from the command center of the Spacetagon. Peter Spacey’s Spacetagon is composed of three elements in which Peter seamlessly blends to create his own sound of down-tempo/glitch-bass style hip-hop beats.

The first element of the Spacetagon is the centerpiece, the keyboard, which Peter uses to create the leads and main melodies. Element two is the small synthesizer to his left which is used for arpeggios and spacey FX. The final element is the small turntable on Spacey’s right which he uses for scratch samples and additional flavor. Watch Peter Spacey’s live session, “Space Curry” below:

Peter Spacey has been active as an artist in the electronic music scene for over a decade and is well-known for his contributions to the turntablism community. As well as the Spacetagon Sessions, Peter has also been releasing music and his latest EP, Carousel is now streaming on Spotify and all major platforms. You can find more content from Peter Spacey by following him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instgram, as well as checking out his website.

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